"psychedelic punk blues. it's like hearing the velvet underground on acid, blue cheer on meth and the hellacopters after they huffed like 50 gallons of paint thinner." - Chuck Debris

Psychotic Reaction is a Psychedelic Punk band Heavily rooted in blues, 60's garage rock and psychedelia, 77 punk, surf rock, proto-punk/metal from Norman, Oklahoma.

Episode #5 Merry Walkers - "Soul Emotion"

3-piece meal with a side of fuzz


Merry Walkers can be found by cracking open a cold one, slamming it, and then holding the empty can to your ear to amplify the heavy blues that will no doubt be heard coming from your favorite bar/venue just about any weekend around the Oklahoma City area.

If you're looking for a good time give em' a call 1-800-SOULROCK. (That's not really their number, but it could be.)


SPEAK, MEMORY are a band from Oklahoma City known for their hard work, humble attitude & passionate dedication & commitment to their music. Modern ( with brushes of what came before ) & powerful, SPEAK, MEMORY showcase a raw feel, astronomical ambition & painfully relevant honesty that helps distinguish them from the rest in an ever changing music climate.

Episode #3 Naturalist - "Wish"

five-piece alternative rock/emo band from the heart of Oklahoma


Since getting its start in the mid 2010s in Oklahoma City's tight-knit post-hardcore scene, the quintet has developed into a dedicated touring act with a pensive sound that retains the intense emotional range of its roots without the abrasiveness. The band paints atmospheric swirls of electric guitar onto sturdy rhythm section canvases as plaintive lyrics either swim within the textures or burst outward from the frame, depending on the emotional needs of each song.

"Wish is kind of our title track as a band. In our opinion it perfectly encapsulates everything we enjoy about our own music. Dynamically speaking it explores both ends of the spectrum for us and lyrically it speaks to something almost anyone can relate to."